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Smart Garden 27 – Full reviews for smart own Home Gardening

Smart Garden 27: Review of the Ultimate Tech Solution for Home Gardening

Smart Garden 27 is the top tech solution for home gardening. It is a highly automated indoor gardening design that helps you grow plants in your own home. The Smart Garden 27 makes it effortless to have a lovely garden in the comfort of your home, even if it’s a tiny space. Yet, some peeps looking to buy often wonder if the Smart Garden 27 is worth its price tag for a little corner garden.

This Smart Garden 27 review provides an in-depth look at this clever home garden concept. We covered everything from setup to care and features, helping you decide whether this product suits you. Read on to learn how Smart Garden 27 can help you create a beautiful and efficient home garden with the tiniest effort!

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Overview of the Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 27

The Smart Garden 27 is an innovative indoor gardening concept that allows you to grow up to 27 plants in your small living space at once. With Smart Garden 27, you can easily set up a plant garden in any corner of your home and enjoy the benefits of healthy and fresh produce. You’ll get to do this without worrying about garden beds’ soil, water, and sunlight quality.

It is designed by Click and Grow, a company that specializes in tech gardening solutions that make gardening easy and fun for everyone. Mattias Lepp, the company’s creator, got the concept for Click and Grow’s smart garden from NASA research on growing plants in space. This study shows that, against all odds, one can grow plants in space if soil, light, water, and other plant needs are ready.

Regardless of climate, location, or skill level, he aimed to develop a clear and effective method for anybody to grow their own food. The owner introduced the first Click and Grow product in 2011. It’s impressive that the company now has a team of over 100 people and has sold over 1 million goods worldwide.

The Smart Garden 27 consists of three Smart Garden 9 units you can connect with a plant stand with sizes 47 x 26 x 10.3 inches or use separately. Each Smart Garden 9 unit has nine holes where you can insert plant pods that contain seeds and smart soil. Plant pods are like capsules that contain seeds and nutrients for different plants.

You can choose from over 75 varieties of plant pods, such as basil, lettuce, tomato, strawberry, lavender, and more. Or you can use your own seeds with the experimental pods. Its smart soil is a unique growth medium that gives plants water, oxygen, and nutrients.

Additionally, the Smart Garden 27 contains an LED light that mimics the natural sunlight and adjusts to the plants’ needs in the best way possible. This light stays on for at least 12-16 hours and shines directly over the seedlings. You only have to fill up the water tank every few weeks and witness the magic of your plants flourishing before your very eyes. It’s that easy!

It handles every aspect of gardening for you. It will automatically water the plants, modify the light level, and monitor the growth conditions. You can eat delicious cuisine at home while relaxing and watching your plants grow.

The Smart Garden 27 is a great activity for the whole family as well as a great way to grow your own food. You may learn about other plants, try new dishes and cuisines, and enjoy the beauty and perfume of fresh flowers. You can also personalize your Smart Garden 27 by selecting several colors for the stand and the modules.

It is an excellent purchase for your health, pleasure, and the environment. It saves you money on groceries, minimizes food waste and carbon impact, and enhances your overall well-being and mood. Growing your plants with the Smart Garden 27 is like having a farmer’s market inside your home.

Features of the Smart Garden 27

As we have already discussed, the Smart Garden 27 comprises three Smart Garden 9 units, each with nine plant pod slots. This suggests that the two smart gardens are similar and that the latter is only an update that allows for the simultaneous growth of more plants. Nevertheless, the Smart Garden 27 has the following features and specs:

Plant Stand

One unique feature of the Smart Garden 27 is the plant stand. Remember we said it comes with three sets of Smart Garden 9? This plant stand holds the three sets together to make them compact and neatly arranged.

We assure you that the plant stand will not wobble or sway because its frame is made of high-quality pine, and the shelves are constructed from premium birch plywood. These materials ensure the plant stand’s durability and resiliency.

The Plant Stand includes elegant metal accents and a felt bag to hold materials for an indoor garden. Additionally, you may conceal the extension cord and cables by storing them inside this bag.

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Smart Soil

Another innovative feature of the Smart Garden 27 is its smart soil which gives plants the right amount of nutrients, oxygen, and water. The smart soil is made of a special nano-material that changes pH and distributes nutrients according to the plants’ needs.

By controlling the quantities of moisture, fertilizer, and temperature, it also generates the ideal atmosphere for plant growth. The Smart Soil is biodegradable and is packaged in various plant pods, which include seeds and nutrients.

Bright Light

We must mention the Smart Garden 27’s lamp that generates the correct quantity of light for plants to flourish even without direct sunlight. You can set up this lamp to automatically come on and go off according to the daylight cycle. We advise turning on the light in the morning to prevent any possible nocturnal light interference.

The lamp’s height is adjustable, and you can raise it to match your plant’s growth rate. This feature makes it possible to grow your plant till you are satisfied instead of harvesting them quickly because of their growth rate.

The light employs a 13W of power-efficient LED lighting, which is energy-efficient. The lamp’s sleek design perfectly completes the plant stand and smart gardens, giving the Smart Garden 27 a modern vibe that’s hard to resist. It’s a beautiful addition to any room that will impress your guests.

Water Tank

The water tank capacity of a Smart Garden 27 is up to 4 liters. It is sufficient and needs filling only every few weeks. The water tank is self-watering, which means it supplies the appropriate amount of water to the plants via a wick system. The water tank also has a water level indicator that lets you know its status and when to refill it.

A Brief Look Into Other Click and Grow’s Smart Garden Model

Besides the Smart Garden 27, Click and Grow offers five other models of smart gardens, each with its own features and benefits. Below is a brief view of other models and sizes of the Click and Grow Garden available for sale.

Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3 is the smallest and most affordable model, ideal for growing herbs and flowers on your countertop. It holds three plant pods and has a built-in water tank that lasts up to 3 weeks for $99.95.

Smart Garden 9

The Smart Garden 9 is a larger version of the Smart Garden 3 and the model that contains the Smart Garden 27. It holds nine plant pods and allows you to grow more variety of plants, including fruits and vegetables. It has a larger water tank that lasts up to 4 weeks and an adjustable LED lamp with an overall cost of $229.95.

Smart Garden 9 PRO

The Smart Garden 9 PRO is a bit pricey at $289.95 compared to its brother Smart Garden 9, because it is the app-controlled version. Unlike its prototype, it gives you more control and customization over your garden. You can adjust the light intensity, set schedules, monitor water levels, and get tips and reminders through the Click and Grow app for just $60 more than its prototype.

Click & Grow 25

The Click & Grow 25 is a brand-new example of a sustainable lifestyle that is filled with nutritious fresh vegetables. For $599, you’ll get 25 plant pods, which ensures continuous harvest with its special 5-week growing cycle. It has a water tank that lasts up to 6 weeks and an app-controlled LED lamp.

Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden

The Wall Farm is the largest, most pricey at $1,999, and the most advanced model of all the Click and Grow smart gardens. This model holds 51 plant pods and allows you to grow a vertical garden in your home or office. It has a water tank that lasts up to 2 weeks per module and an app-controlled LED lamp per module. It also allows you to select a kit like salad, herb, and lots more, but it is currently sold out.

What Are Smart Garden 27 Benefits and Its Set Back

The Smart Garden 27 has many benefits that make it a great indoor gardening system. But it has some setbacks that we will also point out in this section.

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  • It saves space: One feature we really like about the Smart Garden 27 is its compact design and flexible layout. You are free to put it on your countertop, windowsill, shelf, or table as long as such locations are adjacent to an outlet. You may use a single unit to design your own pattern or join many units with the plant stand to grow 27 plants in a small space.
  • It saves time: Everything about this gardening system is automated and requires little or no effort and maintenance to grow plants. You won’t have to worry about watering your plant, fertilizing it, chopping off the roots, or weeding it. You only need to refill the water tank once a month and replace the plant pods when needed. You can practice a proper gardening system with the Smart Garden 27 and still put your time to good use for other pursuits.
  • It saves money: You’ll save money with the Smart Garden 27 by growing your fresh fruit at home instead of purchasing pricey or subpar herbs, veggies, or flowers from the market. Due to the LED light’s low energy consumption, you may also reduce your power costs.
  • It improves health: You can consume fresh, organic food at home thanks to the Smart Garden 27. It keeps you healthy since you don’t have to worry about eating pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs in your food. Your body system also benefits from your plants’ aromatherapy and air-purifying effects.
  • It enhances mood: The Smart Garden 27 has several advantages, one of which is that it may lift your mood. Being surrounded by plants can help you feel less stressed, be more creative, and be happy. You may take pleasure in your plants’ beauty and fragrance as well as the satisfaction of producing and gathering your own food with the Smart Garden 27. It’s like having a mini oasis in your home, and nothing beats that feeling it brings.


  • It is expensive: One of the things customers have criticized is how much it costs to use Smart Garden 27 in making your gardening fantasies come true. The Smart Garden 27 costs $599 for three units plus shipping, so it is not a cheap product. The plant pods are also expensive; a pack of three pods costs roughly $9.95 plus shipping. You could find less costly options online or in your neighborhood retailers.
  • It is restricted: The Smart Garden 27 can only grow certain types of plants compatible with its technology, unlike other typical indoor gardening systems. Some of your favorite plants or exotic plants that need certain growth conditions might not be possible for you to cultivate. Users should consider this as one of the issues they’ll face before purchasing it.
  • It can be noisy: There have been complaints from a few consumers that the Smart Garden 27 generates some noise while watering the plants or adjusting the light. Even though the noise is not extremely loud, some individuals could find it bothersome, especially at night or in peaceful settings. Although you should be fine with this, certain people might not find it appealing.
  • It is bulky: The Smart Garden 27 is not as portable as other smart gardens. It includes a wire that has to be plugged in and weighs around 18 lbs, so you might need help moving it. It can be exhausting if you live alone because you can’t easily move it or put it away when you’re not using it.

Buyers’ Questions Before Purchasing the Smart Garden 27

Even after learning about the incredible benefits of the Smart Garden 27, users often have more questions to ask. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! The most frequent queries people have concerning this smart gadget are addressed in this section. We’ve covered questions about how to set it up, take care of your plants, and many more here.

Ordering and Assembling the Smart Garden 27

The Smart Garden 27’s simplicity, ease of order, and assembly were some of our favorite features. You can easily get the delivery at your door by placing an online order through the official website. It costs only $599 to acquire it from Click and Grow’s website, and delivery is free inside the US.

If you’re a little nervous about spending $599 all at once, you have the opportunity to pay at your own pace and finance the garden through Affirm. Although there is an approval process, you could pay as little as $50 the first month and below in subsequent months with no late fees or surprises if you qualify.

Smart 27 side

Everything you need to start an indoor garden, which includes the device, plant pods, power adapter, and user manual, is in the shipped box. You only have to plug in the cable, fill the water tank, insert the plant pods, and turn it on. All done! You’re ready to enjoy your Smart Garden 27.

After getting your delivery, setting it up is a quick and straightforward process since the package arrived with all the necessary instructions and equipment. In about 15 and 45 minutes, one person can put it together. The plant stand can also be mounted to a wall in addition to standing alone, depending on what pleases you.

What Can I Grow With the Smart Garden 27?

Despite its limitations, the Smart Garden 27 can grow a lot of plants. You can pick from more than 75 plant pod types available at Click and Grow, and this includes basil, lettuce, tomato, lavender, and others. Even better, you can utilize your seeds with the test pods. With Smart Garden 27, you can produce herbs, veggies, flowers, and more.

When the time is right, and your plant matures, you can harvest it and sow fresh pods. Additionally, you can combine various plants in your Smart Garden 27 to design a unique garden.

A combination of a herb garden, a salad garden, a flower garden, or any of these is acceptable. Another amazing thing is that you can even transplant when you notice the plant’s roots are getting wider and can no longer be contained by the pod.

Is the Smart Garden 27 Worth It?

An honest opinion is that if you’re like me, who loves gardening and wants to enjoy fresh and organic produce at home, the Smart Garden 27 is worth it. It is also worth it if you don’t have enough space for indoor gardening and you have the budget, as well as tolerance for its drawbacks.

However, you can consider other options of Click and Grow’s smart garden if you want a cheaper and simpler indoor gardening system. Orders are easily placed on the Click and Grow website by clicking the product link here if you’re going to try it out.

Final Thoughts

Consider buying Smart Garden 27, an innovative indoor gardening system, if you want to grow up to 27 plants simultaneously with little effort. The Smart Garden 27 can be a great way to bring nature into your home and enjoy fresh and organic produce all year round.

Setting it up and getting started with your gardening dreams are easy. You don’t need any prior experience to grow your plant choice with the Smart Garden 27.

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